Tyler Wheeler: ACIMA REVIEW
    Recently I used Acima Credit at Ziggy's for the lift kit in my truck. Best Thing I ever tried! It was easy to sign up for and navigate. After signing up, I called Acima Credit with my informtaiton and they made it easy to the 90 day, interest free option. The money camoe out of my account on the same day every week at the same time. It was simple, easy to use, and made my lift kit affordable, 5 out of 5 Recommend! 



Awesome people and service..


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Thank you Ray for the review!


I have a Porsche 914 that is being restored ....William, John and the ladies were very helpful and patient ... the service and experience were very good .... upfront recommendations and pricing ... they will let you know what is and is not possible ... I would highly recommend them! Thanks Ziggy's!

Tim Trudel reviewed Ziggy's Auto Specialties — 5 star

Awesome people with great knowledge! They even picked my truck up from the boat when I couldn't get off because of work they did an outstanding job on my truck with the lift!

Doug Wagenhoffer reviewed Ziggys Auto Specialties — 5 star

March 9, 2016 · 

I have been there 2 times one to get my Windows tinted and and another time to get my window vents put on. I would recommend ziggy's to anyone that is looking to have something done to there vehicle. Best customer service

Top of the line service and workmanship! Can't say enough good things about this company after dealing with them for the last 7 years! Keep up the great work Ziggy's​

Chester Schifone reviewed Ziggys Auto Specialties — 5 star

March 7, 2015 · 

I made the best choice coming here, custom upfit, perfect for the job. Professional, and a great crew.

Patrick Araujo reviewed Ziggys Auto Specialties — 5 star

One of the best places to take a vehicle on the cape. They treat you like if your part of there family and do amazing work.

Lisa Shea reviewed Ziggys Auto Specialties — 5 star

June 29, 2015 · 

This team is beyond amazing!! Great service! Angie.....is a master at her craft...!!! 8)

Jim Waldron reviewed Ziggys Auto Specialties — 5 star

April 4, 2015 · 

Love the lift kit, tires and rims. Thanks so much

5.0 star rating

I had an issue at Townfair Tire where they wouldn't replace the tire because the lugnuts that were on our Solar Wolf Energy truck were not the correct ones. I found Ziggys and called them to see if they had the correct ones and they did! Lauren was a big help and got me what I needed along with a smile. Great personnel and had the parts we needed, couldn't be happier


Nicci S.,West Yarmouth, MA

5.0 star rating

I moved to the Cape in April and needed a car. Through Craigslist we found Ziggy's, went down and found the perfect car. They told us that they don't put cars out for sale without a full inspection - and furthermore they stand behind every car that they sell. It's the end of August and the car I purchased is running great! I have brought it back to to Ziggy's twice, once for a random noise the car was making (as cars do) and once to have them check the fluids under the hood. Both visits were quick and pleasant. I am confident that Ziggy's will be there for me should I ever have any serious car problems (knock wood!); in fact my boyfriend now brings his truck there as well. I would recommend Ziggy's for both auto sales and repairs.


Bob Tischler

Props to all the staff at Ziggy's, especially the tech who worked on my 2000 Grand Marquis...I'm terrible with names...I think it might be Jeff, but he has a full red beard. Passed inspection without a hitch :-) Thanks for the excellent service!